Elise - Springfield, Ohio

"I so appreciate what you did for me. Your attention to detail and grouping things together gave me complete piece of mind. I feel like I have a brand new kitchen, bathroom and basement! Thank you thank you!!!"

Sharon - Worthington, Ohio

"I was having difficulty getting my pantry, my bedroom closet and my dresser organized and I was at a standstill until Jen stepped in. She organized my pantry and had me take out anything that wasn't "food/kitchen" related and put them with similar items I had elsewhere. When I told her my dresser was too full to do that she gave me tips on how to organize my dresser drawers so that I could have an empty one for my pj's, to get them out of my closet. Rolling my pj's instead of laying them flat allowed them all to reside comfortably in one drawer. I was so happy and relieved when those three places were organized. Now, I could use her insight and suggestions in other parts of my house going forward."

Nick - Columbus, Ohio

"Jen is awesome! She is so orderly and methodical at making sense of the years of accumulation. She is joyful, loving, kind, patient, and surprisingly encouraging for all she has to sift through. She pretty much jumped in, and my only input was to answer the question piles at the end of each session. Her services are truly a blessing! I simply did not have the energy or desire to pick through everything in my house after 20 years. Somehow Jen takes great delight in making order out of chaos. I am so very grateful to Jen for her time, guidance, compassion, and sense of order. I recommend her 1000%!"

Heather - Worthington, Ohio

"You couldn't walk through my laundry room as there was only a small path to my washer and dryer. Jenny came in and had it completely organized within hours! It was so overwhelming to me, so when I came home and she was done, not only was it a huge relief for my family. We now have a place for everything and it's easier to keep up on now. Thank you to Jenny!"